Back at it again!

Back at it again with the blog. We had an odd phase and we're ready to come back stronger than ever. We are going to start posting more behind scenes and more insight behind projects.

Added some new team members as well, we now have a retoucher and a production assistant. We will be working together with vendors and exclusive modeling agencies for the production side and will still be offering fashion like experiences for the everyday person! 

Our mission and goal for Leon Blue Studios is to make you feel like the best you, to get your confidence back or even give you confidence you didn't even know you had already! It's about beauty and art for us. 

Some new and exciting changes are coming soon that I can not wait to share! For example we are releasing a new BTS (behind the scenes) video soon!  

Going to be posting every Sunday either BTS content, exclusive offers, tips &a tricks and anything we find relevant for you.

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